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Friday, June 14, 2013

Gentlemen ..... Ring the Bell..... Stop Domestic Violence

When we see the role of women in society, she is one who is carrying this world to the next generation and still she is neglected the most. But why do we see patriarchy paradigm still playing dominating role. Do we really need to classify humans into different sex and then thinking objectively in a negative manner. Large proportion of men of this nation failed to provide security to the women of this country, which they deserved. When we go into rural areas, men have developed a culture of violence against women. They are in usual habits of beating women, the women too do not protest because their friends in different families suffer with the same problem. They are in habit of accepting this as a custom which is prevailing all over the country.

I think it's the right time we take the initiative to bring some change and turn these long prevailing customs and turn it around. It is difficult for every women to start protesting against such a heinous crime they are suffering from long time. Some gentlemen out of men have to come out and will need to bring suffering women into confidence. If gentlemen takes such a huge initiative of stopping domestic violence against women, then all wise men will follow and this will turn into a movement striving for change.

We as a society, state or a nation are failure if we are unable to protect women of this country or ensure safety to them from domestic violence. This will help them to bring out their talent out of their closed box.

We men are not to hinder the growth of women but to make them progress.

# RespectForWomen
# RingTheBell
# BellBajao

This blogpost is for campaign against the domestic violence against women. RingTheBell is a initiative by IndiChange.

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